Employment for Expats in The Netherlands


Expats are an essential component of the Dutch workforce, and office life has its cultural quirks


  • The Dutch workforce is internationally oriented, highly educated and multilingual
  • Unemployment is at 3,6 percent
  • Demand for highly skilled workers remains high, and incentives for international employees include the 30 percent ruling tax benefit and a fast-track immigration programme for the highly skilled and entrepreneurs.
  • While it always helps to learn the language when settling in a new country – and will certainly do your job prospects no harm – you don’t necessarily need to be a fluent Dutch speaker to secure a role in the Netherlands.


You can find the following information about “Employment for Expats” in Expat Survival Guide 2024:


  • Work permit conditions
  • Applying for a Work Permit
  • Highly Skilled Migrants
  • Self-employed / Entrepreneurs
  • Dutch American Friendship Treaty
  • Students
  • Working Holiday Schemes
  • Changing Jobs
  • Contracts & Employment Law
  • Collective Labour Agreement (CAO)
  • Social Security
  • Finding a Job
  • Skills in demand
  • Working with agencies
  • The interview process & Culturally correct CVs

Employment service providers

Help for Expat Families. If your partner or family is looking to get a job in the Netherlands, the EURES advisers are here to help. EURES is an initiative from the European Commission to help citizens from in- and outsite the European Economic Area te successful wherever they live in the EU.


GMW is based in The Hague, between the sea and the international zone (where many international organizations of law and peace are located). Clients choose our firm because of our legal quality and specialist expertise. We have particular expertise in litigation. We can offer our services in the following languages: Dutch, English, Turkish, French, Spanish, Sarnami Hindi or German.

GMW Lawyers

Within the Netherlands and abroad, Mynta Law has an excellent reputation as running a very knowledgeable, experienced, and sincere immigration and nationality law practice. We are thorough in our analysis of your question, realistic in our advice, and very goal-oriented in everything we do.

Mynta Law

Van den Heuvel Juristen is an office specialized in Dutch and European employment law, and alien/immigration law. We further deliver mediation services. Our office delivers services to both Dutch and foreign workers as well as to employers. We assist migrants and expats in their applications for residency, for purposes of work or family, vis-à-vis the Dutch Immigration and Naturalisation Service.

Van den Heuvel Arbeidsjuristen

Karen Gordon is a Certified Career & Team Coach. In her practice, Karen coaches and trains individuals and groups both for companies and privately. Services include:, Career Planning, CV Optimisation, Job seeking, Interview preparation in English, Face to face or online workshops, Leadership & Team Coaching.

KGT Consulting