Relocation for Expats in The Netherlands


The Netherlands is a bureaucratic country and proud of it. Be prepared for paperwork, appointments, and organizing documents during your stay in the Netherlands.


A temporary residence permit is conditional and relates to the purpose of your stay. A permanent residence permit is unconditional.


  • Ensure documents are in order before approaching the BRP and IND.
  • BRP: The office where to register your details into Dutch system.
  • IND: The office that implements immigration policy and makes decisions on (combined) work/residence permits.
  • Check that your passport is valid for the period of your stay (and expires later than six months from date of registration).


You can find the following information about “Relocation for Expats” in Expat Survival Guide 2024:


  • Compulsory registration in the BRP (Municipal Personal Records Database)
  • IND (Immigration and Naturalisation Department)
  • Residence Permits
  • Highly Skilled Migrant Policy

Relocation service providers

Relocating to the Netherlands? Plans to move here? ACCESS, a local not-for-profit organisation, managed by volunteers – who moved here themselves – is here to help. We answer any questions you have about moving to, living in and leaving the Netherlands. Questions internationals have when navigating new circumstances, while living here.


IN Amsterdam helps international newcomers to Amsterdam and the greater Amsterdam region. IN Amsterdam offers a simplified process for registration, residence permits and BSN for international newcomers and companies looking to hire highly skilled migrants. Expats living in Amsterdam can visit IN Amsterdam for expert advice, information and resources.

IN Amsterdam

The Hague International Centre is your guide to live, work and study in The Hague region. The Hague International Centre offers free advice and services to help you move and settle into The Hague region. We help take care of government formalities with a one-stop-shop service for highly skilled migrants, diplomats, scientific researchers, graduates, start-ups and their family members.

The Hague International Centre

Rotterdam Expat Centre is the specialized one stop shop for international businesses and expats who are looking for services and information about working and living in Rotterdam. We can advise you on things like taxes, housing, opening a bank account, healthcare, education and careers. Our services for expats are free, tailored to your specific needs and also include your spouse and children.

Rotterdam Expat Centre

Leiden International Centre (formerly Expat Centre Leiden) is a non-profit organisation supporting international newcomers and their employers in the Leiden region. We provide BSN registration appointments, organise free informative and social events and have a helpdesk for questions.

Leiden International Centre

Are you new in the Netherlands and Utrecht Region? Or do you want to know why you should move here? The International Welcome Centre Utrecht Region is happy to help you settle in. Visit the centre to arrange your residence permit, register with the municipality and receive practical information about living in Utrecht Region. And visit on of their free events to meet fellow internationals.

International Welcome Centre Utrecht

The expert team at Expat Centre Maastricht Region is highly skilled in providing an efficient transition process from a nervous newcomer to laid-back local, for individuals and businesses alike. Our website provides a wealth of information regarding every aspect of expat life in the Maastricht Region, and when further guidance is required our consultants can provide one-on-one advice sessions.

Expat Centre Maastricht Region

If you are searching for a company that can provide comprehensive housing solutions, such as; renting, buying, selling, renovating, mortgages, investment opportunities in both NL and International or any other housing-related needs, we are here for you! Whether you are relocating to or already settled in the Netherlands contact us for a personalized experience with clear and prompt communication.

Dutch Real Estate Company

We are an independent notary office in The Hague with expertise in family law, real estate, and business law, where customization and efficiency are paramount. We can act as an impartial notary or advisor for wills, living wills, home and mortgage, cohabitation agreements, prenuptial agreements and legalization of documents.

Van Buttingha Wichers Notaries

Utility Direct is the only independent relocation platform aimed at completely unburdening customers during a move to or within the Netherlands. With years of experience and partnerships with all the biggest providers we will help you settle comfortably in your new home. From arranging your insurance, furniture rental, bank account and moving services, to setting up all your household utilities.

Utility Direct

Within the Netherlands and abroad, Mynta Law has an excellent reputation as running a very knowledgeable, experienced, and sincere immigration and nationality law practice. We are thorough in our analysis of your question, realistic in our advice, and very goal-oriented in everything we do.

Mynta Law

25 years of tradition meets innovation in our expat services, removing any potential roadblocks on your path! Energized by Empowerment and Empathy, we offer Immigration Aid, 30% Tax Ruling, Government Compliance (BSN2, Bank, Car Import, Driving License Exchange), Relocation Care, Daycare&School Search, Home-Finding, Payroll&Employment for Non-Eu nationals and more. Your adventure, our dedication!


Balancing a digital and human approach, Expat Management Group offers a wide range of personal and corporate immigration, relocation, and settling-in services for expats and their dependents in Benelux, Germany, and beyond. With the solid base and experience of a large firm and the flexibility and commitment of a small one. Seamlessly. Frictionless. Human first. Every step of the way.

Expat Management Group

We provide advice to those who wish to work and live in the Netherlands and also to (overseas) companies who do business in the Netherlands. We are familiar with all the specific rules and regulations and we can provide a wide range of tailor-made services ranging from relocation – housing tax services (rental and purchase), residence/working permits, settling-in services in the Netherlands.

Tulip Expats Services

We do it all. Starting at guiding you through the world of relocation and immigration issues, tax and insurances, and housing and mortgages, up to school enrolment, medical registration, cleaning services, joining sport & social clubs and home decoration. We cover every aspect for expats moving to The Netherlands…and back.


Eindhoven is the home base of Big5 so we know, like no other, what Eindhoven and the surrounding areas have to offer you. Our relocation services are always customised to suit your personal situation- no standard answers. Our experienced team has built up a great breadth and depth of competence. So Big5 will always ensure your smooth transition.

Big5 Relocations