Employment for Expats


Expats are an essential component of the Dutch workforce. Expat Survival Guide assists you in your first essential steps in The Netherlands; including all about “Employment for Expats”.


It’s always good to know that..:


  • The Dutch workforce is internationally oriented, highly educated and multilingual.


  • Unemployment is very low at this moment.


  • Demand for highly skilled workers remains high, and incentives for international employees include the 30 percent ruling tax benefit.


  • While it always helps to learn the language when settling in a new country – and will certainly do your job prospects no harm – you don’t necessarily need to be a fluent Dutch speaker to secure a role in the Netherlands.


  • There are no work restrictions for students who are EU/EEA/Swiss nationals.


  • It is standard practice to get extra wages as a ‘holiday allowance’ plus four weeks of paid leave.


  • It is common practice in the Netherlands for a fulltime employee to be entitled to approximately 25 holiday days per year in addition to Dutch public holidays.


  • Many international companies have headquarters in the Netherlands.



You can find the following subchapters & information about “Employment for Expats” in Expat Survival Guide 2024:


  • Work permit conditions
  • Applying for a work permit
  • Highly skilled migrants
  • Self-employed/entrepreneurs
  • Dutch American Friendship Treaty
  • Students
  • Working holiday schemes
  • Changing jobs
  • Contracts and employment law
  • Social Security
  • Voluntary work
  • Job hunting
  • Skills in demand
  • Cultural competency
  • Working with Agencies
  • The interview process
  • Culturally correct CVs


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ENJOY living, working and studying in the Netherlands!


You can find all the necessary information about “Employment for Expats” in Expat Survival Guide 2024!