Expat in Utrecht


Utrecht Region is officially the best place to live and work in all of Europe. The European Union once again named Utrecht Region as Europeʼs most competitive region in their three-yearly Regional Competitiveness Index (2022).




Life in Utrecht

Utrecht Region marks the centre of the Netherlands and is a diverse and lively province with 1.3 million inhabitants spread over 26 municipalities. It’s a region that offers high-quality living, a pleasant and varied landscape, beautiful cities and towns as well as world-class cultural and recreational facilities. Over 80,000 international residents enjoy living and working in the region due to its central location, easy-going character and healthy urban lifestyle.Take a stroll along the lively canals in Utrecht, explore the museums and monuments, and enjoy the best cafés and restaurants.


Work in Utrecht

Utrecht Region is the perfect destination for business. The region is a hub of creativity and innovation, and it’s open-minded business climate, global connections and skilled workforce make it an attractive sustainable environment for business. A growing number of companies relocate to the Netherlands and, along with Dutch companies, are investing in international employees to support their businesses.


Study in Utrecht

Utrecht Region is home to prestigious universities and knowledge institutes. They offer a wide range of English-taught degree programmes and courses for you to choose from. And you will be in good company. Utrecht Region is home to approximately 70,000 students of which 3,700 international students. Studying in Utrecht Region will be a life-changing experience.


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