Optimist International School Launches Dutch Enrichment Programme for seamless educational transition

Optimist International School (OIS) is excited to introduce an innovative addition to our international curriculum beginning the next academic year: the Dutch Enrichment Programme (DEP), specifically designed for upper primary students. This initiative underscores OIS’s commitment to providing diverse and tailored educational pathways that cater to the unique needs of the international community in the Netherlands.


Recognizing this, OIS has developed the DEP to empower students with the academic proficiency in Dutch needed for a seamless transition into Dutch society and education systems. The DEP is an optional yet invaluable pathway in upper primary for students aspiring to integrate deeper into Dutch society while benefiting from an international curriculum that celebrates diversity and fosters global citizenship.


Addressing Transition Challenges
The DEP specifically aims to mitigate the challenges international students face who transition to Dutch secondary education, including the significant language proficiency leap and the age-related nuances of transitioning from an international to a Dutch system. By offering an enriched focus on academic Dutch, alongside our International Programme, OIS ensures students are academically, socially, and linguistically equipped for the future.


Programme highlights:


  • Tailored Educational Pathways: Two distinct paths cater to diverse needs and goals: the International Programme, emphasizing English with Dutch integration, and the DEP, focusing increasingly on academic Dutch.
  • Comprehensive Support: Small class sizes, personalized attention, and experienced multilingual specialists create a nurturing environment for all students.
  • Skill enhancement: The curriculum is designed to boost cognitive, social, and linguistic skills, preparing students for both Dutch secondary education and global opportunities.


Why the DEP?
Choosing the DEP at OIS offers a balanced approach to thriving in the Dutch educational landscape while leveraging the benefits of an international education. It’s an ideal option for international children who consider further Dutch education, or for their children to gain advanced multilingual skills.


About Optimist International School
Optimist International School (OIS), a public international primary school in the Netherlands, offers a globally oriented education, complemented by a Dutch language programme and a certified Language Friendly School environment. Our commitment to diversity, specialist instruction, and holistic well-being ensures a comprehensive educational experience. We develop skills like adaptability, resilience, problem-solving, critical thinking, and effective communication & collaboration skills to help children to navigate the complexities of various fields and future endeavours.


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